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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen!

    We would like to humbly ask you to help Kamil Nowakowski, who is under our charge.

    Kamil was born on 20th June 2007 with myelomeningocele in the thoracic-lumbosacral part of the spine, which caused damage of the bladder, hydrocephalus and paresis of lower limbs. He is 7 years old and he has already undergone five surgeries, plasty of the myelomeningocele, implantation of a ventricular-peritoneal valve, exchange of ventricular drain and two surgeries on groin's hernia.

    The boy has been unable to move his legs ever since he was born. Now, after a few months of exercises, he has started to raise his legs hip joints and slightly bend them in his knees. However, he undoubtedly requires further, intensive rehabilitation.

    Kamil is the first child of Mr and Mrs Nowakowscy, who are ready to do everything to make their son independent in future. They do their best to provide their child with the best medical care and rehabilitation. It is, however, related to enormous costs that unfortunately exceed their financial possibilities.

    We believe that the fate of this cheerful boy is not indifferent to you. We thank you in advance on our and the parents' behalf for every penny which will help Kamil fight with his disability.

Please transfer money to the following account:
Fundacja Dzieciom "Zdążyć z Pomocą"
01-685 Warszawa ul. Łomiańska 5,
Bank BPH S.A. oddział w Warszawie 15 1060 0076 0000 3310 0018 2615
with postscript: 5043 Nowakowski Kamil - darowizna na pomoc i ochronę zdrowia

Information about help for Kamil on Fundation website